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Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber

When you encounter a plumbing problem at home, you must not ignore it. It could escalate into a bigger problem quickly and you will not know how you are going to handle it. You can’t blame yourself if you suddenly panic and you call your friends for help. The truth is the person you must call is a professional plumber. Here are some reasons why:

Complete with Materials
There is no need to worry if the plumber is equipped with the needed materials or not. The plumber already has everything he needs in his vehicle. He won’t ask you to buy additional stuff once he finds out what the problem is. Of course, you would hate to go back and forth to the hardware store just to buy additional stuff. That is exactly what is going to happen when you are not complete with the needed materials.

You can’t just be confident with what you have in your tool shed. Other than his dependable tool kit, the plumber also has additional equipment that will make the task easier.

Increase Property Value
One reason nobody is talking about is a plumber can increase the overall value of your home. That does mean you should sell it after a plumber fixes all the plumbing problems (lekkages Rotterdam) though. We all know there will come a time when you will need to sell your house. You would want to transfer to a new home either because you have a bigger family or you just want a new location. Whatever the reason is, you will probably get tired of your old home. You would want a new location just to be closer to your new job.

Of course, that is a lot easier said than done and you will need the plumber again to make sure everything is alright. Who knows? You may even able to sell the property at a price that is more favorable than what you were expecting. It would always benefit you to get more money than what you were expecting so you can spend more on your new home. You know you would want it to be as beautiful as possible.

Fast Solution
The plumber will solve whatever problem you have in record time. That does not mean the plumber is arrogant though. He also wants to get the problem over with as soon as possible. There is a huge chance he has already encountered the problem in the past. Thus, he would already know what he needs to do. If he was able to get it done in thirty minutes last time then you can expect him to get it done in even lesser time. He would want to get a lot of things done for the day so the day would be very productive for him.

Of course, that would also mean he would earn more money. That does not mean you can time the plumber with what he is doing though. You may end up distracting him from what he is doing and he may get angry. He would want to concentrate on the task and he probably won’t need your help with it.

Saves Money
If you buy tools for the task, you will be wasting money since you will probably never use most of them again. You may be paying the plumber a fee but it will be worth it once you get the problem fixed in no time. You don’t have to worry about spending on other things other than the fee you will be paying the plumber. If you are in the middle of renovating your home, you know you are going to pay for a lot of other things. Thus, it would be best to keep track of what you spend.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of hiring a professional plumber, remember to only deal with the best. You must never deal with amateur plumbers as you will never benefit from them. You can find a lot of good professional plumbers on the Internet. All you need to do is to enter the appropriate keywords on Google and you will arrive with a bunch of good professionals. Once you make a choice, contact them immediately so they can give you a quote.

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5 Amazing Photography Tips To Help Beginners Breathe Life Into Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it can tell an entire story! With some of the high-end smartphones boasting advanced inbuilt cameras, people now have the privilege of capturing the best moments anytime, anywhere.

Taking pictures may look like the easiest thing to do. You just need to focus on the object and click to capture beautiful moments in the lens and cherish those memories forever. But, have you ever wondered what makes the portraits or mere pictures taken by professionals so extraordinary?

Do your photographs lack that special something? Whether you use a smartphone camera or a professional DSLR, you will be surprised to know that with a little effort you can convert pictures into so much more.

In this article, we will share with you 5 tips to help beginners improve their photography skills.

1. Broaden Your Perspective

You will see most amateur photographers take pictures on their own level. While there is nothing technically wrong with shooting at human-level, it’s one of the small things that bring about a big difference. It changes the way a photographer relates to his subject.

Feel free to crouch, climb a ladder, move or even lie down while taking a photo to get to the subject’s eye-level. Whether you are photographing wildlife or a child, you will be amazed at the difference this small change of perspective can bring to your photos.

Explore your creativity and different possibilities to take images from a level that helps you capture the moment in a more vivid way!

2. Go Off-Center When Taking Portraits

When taking portraits, it is common to have the subject’s face in the center of the frame. This is definitely the traditional way of taking portraits and it works just fine. But, a work of art should be interesting not boring!

You can add life to portraits by placing the face off-center in the image and leave some space towards the direction the subject is facing. You can even capture a bit of the view that the person is looking at to weave a beautiful story with your pictures.

Make sure you leave enough space for the movement or line of sight. When you take the unconventional path, your photos are sure to get a second look from the viewers and evoke admiration.

3. Getting More Light May Be Good!

You have probably heard that too little or too much lighting can spoil a good photograph. While the basic rule of photography tells you to maintain a balance, I think having slightly more light can make your photographs look better.

When shooting outdoors, always make sure there is enough sunlight on the subject to be able to capture bright and vivid pictures. If you are shooting indoors, you may need some extra lights to make your pictures look bright. You can get great ideas from professional photographers on how they practice these tips at

4. Trim Down The Extra Spaces

Do your photos have a lot of extra spaces in them? You can do so much more if you compose a photo before pressing the button. Before shooting, make sure the subject covers a large portion of the image so that you can clearly capture that smirk on the face or twinkle in the eye.

If you look at photos taken by professional photographers, you can see that every tiny detail emerges out so beautifully. When you are able to closely capture your subject, whether it is a sculpture, flower, or person, the image says so much more.

So, the next time you are tempted to point and shoot, stop for a second and focus on the subject. Do not hesitate to go closer to the subject to trim down unnecessary space, unless of course, you are photographing a wild bear.

5. Take More Than One Photo

One of the biggest advantages of digital photography is that you don’t need to pressurize yourself to take the perfect shot in one go! If you are trying to capture a special moment, take several shots of the subject. You can later choose the best and delete the rest.

As a beginner, this can take the pressure off your head and let you shoot with confidence. When you sort the images later, ask yourself what you liked about the pictures you saved and what was lacking in the ones you deleted. This can help you learn from your mistakes and improve.

The Final Words

Whether you aspire to be a professional one day or you are happy being the �photographer’ in the family, these tips can help you improve your style. Not many people realize that small things and a little effort can turn photos into masterpieces that you can cherish all your life.

Proven Benefits of A professional Photographer

photograper-nikonIn today’s business, how you market your product is directly proportional to the sales that you make. Business people have ventured into all manner of ways to market their products and reach a bigger market, which is likely to increase sales. Photography is one of the ways that one can use to reach many potential buyers at one given time. Therefore, if you intend to use photography to market your product i.e. beds and mattresses, you need a professional photographer to do the work. Taking pictures of plain beds can be quite challenging that is why you need a professional who is creative to take great pictures of your mattresses. There are some good examples on the site, which tends to use pictures of objects rather than people. With that said, below are the benefits you will reap from using a professional photographer to promote your product

Boosts Professionalism

How you present your business is key to how customers will respond. Pictures of the beds and mattresses should be presentable and appeal to the eye they need to be clear and of good quality. It might be cheaper to take and upload images to your phone but they will not be of the best quality. You need a professional photographer who is experienced with web marketing to take upload and design photos of your beds in the best quality.

Makes Your Product Outstanding

What will make customers choose to buy your mattress and not any other seller? You must be outstanding and be noticeable. Your business should be able to compete and out-compete other businesses by having the best pictures of your product posted online. It is easier to download images from other websites, but this reduces on uniqueness, get a professional photographer to take original photos and upload them to your selling site or page. A professional photographer will use the best and latest templates to design your business website and set it apart from the rest.

It Is Cost Effective

Using a professional photographer to market your beds is cost effective in the sense that you only pay the photographer. After the images are uploaded to your websites, they can reach the whole globe without costing you any extra charges. Reaching a bigger market at a low cost will increase your profits.

Creates Exposure

Pictures that describes itself and speaks a thousand words will grab the attention of potential customers. Websites that have professional photos have most viewers. A well-organized gallery will get everyone talking about your beds hence sending word to an even larger market. A Professional photographer will grow the branding of your company which will make the market associate your business with the best images of beds and mattresses.

Creates Personal Touch

A great photo from a professional photographer will depict the exact appearance of your business. The pictures will sell the size quality and type of mattress to your customers. They will be able to see who they will be buying from which creates a personal touch. When people come to buy your items they will have known who they are dealing with and what they are buying.

Easy to Pass Information

Readers will get the most from an image other than the description of the product. A picture has more information such as color texture and size. Most people will just view images of what they intend to buy other than reading long articles as it wastes their time. A photographer will utilize a single photo to pass all the information and specifications of your bed and mattresses.

Attract the Right Customers.

Professional photographs will speak about the quality of the mattresses. When one views a photo, they can tell whether the product is of good or poor quality. Therefore, quality photos of your beds and mattresses will attract customers interested in quality and not just low prices. Also, you will not get onlookers on your site since the photos distinguish the type of customers for your product.

Consistent Work

Employing a professional photographer to work on your websites make your work consistent. The photographer will keep a record of the mattresses he posted last, what needs to be updated, what is in stock or out of stock. Work consistency will build trust with your buyers since they know they can get what they need with ease from your website.

You will get More Clicks

Most customers will click on sites that have great photos. You need sales for your beds; this means that the higher the number that visits your site, the more the sales you are likely to get. No one clicks on poorly presented galleries unless they are out of options. Your business needs to stay right on the top. Therefore, you need a professional photographer to take and upload mesmerizing images of your product.

Capturing of the Best Images.

A professional photographer has an eye able to detect the most emotional images your product has and use certain calculated angles to capture them. Have you ever seen a picture of random products and you are pushed to buy it even when you do not need it just because of the beauty in the image? Well, this is what a professional photographer will do to your viewers. Great emotional pictures of products sell more than any sales man in the entire world.

Run away from Stock Photos

This is usually boring and never unique since the suppliers give them to all who buy from them. You will find these pictures in most online stores; they lack creativity, and the element of impulse is never captured in stock photos.

Great Pictures are Memorable

Visual images usually stick in the minds of people but good ones. A professional photo of your mattress and beds, which is clear and fascinating, is more likely to remain in the minds of those who view them. You do not want poor images on your website; any person that sees them and is not impressed will never come back to your site. Attractive images will remain in your viewers’ memory increasing their chances of visiting your site and even recommending other potential buyers to your site. Good photos are memorable and can only be captured by a professional photographer.

Pictures worth thousands of words definitely say a lot about your brand. Concise and clear images increase the number of viewers in your site. Your beds and mattresses will sell like hot cupcakes if they are presented in an intriguing manner that makes viewers stay longer on your site. Great pictures from a professional photographer inspire your potential buyers to view more images of your beds and mattresses. Get a good photographer and the results will blow your mind.

Most Photogenic Prom Dresses For This Year’s Prom

Proms are popular among primary kids as well as high school students. This is their day to mark transition from either primary school or high school or even the end of their examinations. During such a time, everyone showcases fashion in all angles. The girls who’ve never had a single evening dress and heels in their wardrobe will go through thick and thin just to find one that is perfect for that day. Remember, on such a date, wear something modest but glamorous. It shouldn’t be too revealing.

Hottest Dresses Of 2017

Flower gowns

White sparkling dressThis year’s prom dresses are on a whole new other level. Designers have developed a great concept for these dresses that are rapidly selling out. Don’t you want to be the princess of the night? Hell, yes. Head over to a nearby clothing store and grab yourself the opportunity to be dubbed the Cinderella in the building. One of the hottest prom dresses of this year are those that have been embellished with colorful and striking flowers. This embroidery will bring out a sexy and edgy look on you. Surprise your friends with this in the next prom night.

Ball gowns

These dresses never seem to grow out of style. They are considered one of the best wears to the prom. Elegance is all it entails. Get yourself one from the best designers. They go well with clutch bags and matching stoles. Jewelry also accentuates the beauty of the night. The common fabrics used on these dresses are velvet, silk or satin along with some embroidery. With this kind of dress on you, you will be the queen of the night and all those hot boys in your class will be constantly gushing over you.

Sparkling dresses

Pink sparkling gownThis is a situation of “Mirror, mirror… on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” It is the crystal dress. Spangles and crystals brought together bring out an absolutely crazy product- a dress fit for a royal. Crystal dresses are one of the hottest prom dresses of this season. This is the perfect dress to make a grand entrance with. Pick something unique out of the norm like a crystal dress. You will not regret choosing this dress. These kinds of dresses have been graced to the red carpet by celebrities and have made a lasting impression with them.

Print ideas for your dress

Dominate the dance floor with your printed gown. What you wear adds to the fun of the event since you will be complimented endlessly for your dress. Let out your passion for fashion in this print dress. They come in different forms and prints: animal print, floral print and other types of bold prints. These prints create a fashion that is daring, rich in color and unique. There are so many types of them and it will prove rather hard trying to pick one from them since they are all appealing and elegant.

Mermaid long prom dress with crisscross back

Slay in this dress for your prom night. It is regarded as one of the hottest prom dresses of all times. They are custom made to your precision and you will feel comfortable in it the whole night. They are made from qualitative materials and are available in different colors and sizes. The crisscross open back is the best feature of this dress and are made to gracefully drape down your hour glass figure. This is the perfect gown for those who love modern fashion accompanied by art and allure.

Two-piece prom dresses

Many people presume that prom dresses should only be one piece. Long gone is that era since two piece dresses are getting more attention this year. Rock in this dresses this prom. Expose your abs in them crop tops and long fitting skirts. Just a little flesh exposed on your lower body will create a whole different look. Shine bright like a diamond in this awesome dress while having the night of your life. Some of the tops and skirts come with beads, floral pattern or crafted embroidery to enhance the beauty of the clothing that is slowly taking over the fashion world by storm.

In Conclusion

Prom night is all about fashion, class and dancing. This is a night of formal wear since the ladies adorn in beautiful gowns as the guys wear tuxedos. Normally girls take long during preparation since they have to do makeup and hair. Prom night is generally a fun night for the students as they finalize their years in great style.

Treasuring Your Military Memories With Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes can be used to protect your valuables like honors and certificates from various kinds of elements. In fact, military honors and medals are often safely preserved in shadow boxes which do not only keep them safe, but also add aesthetic appeal into the decoration. Finding military shadow boxes should not be a daunting task as there are several companies that specialize in distributing such items. However, not all offers you get will depict desirable traits although most will be promoted as the best in the market. It is important o carefully go through each offer in the market before spending your money. Fortunately, reliable retailers and designers of shadow boxes have various hallmarking attributes that can be used to distinguish them from other offers in the market. It is these specific characteristics that you need to evaluate when looking for military shadow boxes.

Things To Consider When Buying Military Shadow Boxes

Military shadow boxes come in different shapes, sizes and designs to accommodate a wide variety of application. The first step to finding perfect shadow boxes for your military valuables, medals and honors is identifying your unique needs. What exact items do you want to keep in the shadow box and how sturdy do you need the case to be? Once you know your requirements, you can boldly browse the net in search of offers that will meet these particular needs.

Some of the things to evaluate include the following:

  • Flag shadow boxDesigner/retailer reputation – The easiest way to determine if any given retailer or designer of military shadow boxes will meet your needs is through reviewing the reputation they have attracted from the immediate market. This involves looking through the customer reviews, comments, opinions, complaints and testimonials to find out what other users think of the products. Companies that have consistently provided satisfactory quality shadow boxes will definitely have a good reputation within the region. If you notice too many complaints and negative reviews, you should probably avoid such offers and review the next option.
  • Capacity and variety – It is often recommendable to go for customized designs and unique shadow boxes that will distinguish you from others. Reliable companies should be able to provide various kinds of templates and also allow you to come up with your own ideas for shadow boxes. Maybe you are looking for bulk military shadow boxes to surprise your crew and friends you served with or looking to award new recruits and need many items within a short period of time. Not all companies have the capacity and logistics to meet the urgency without compromising quality of products and offers. It is therefore advisable to request the company’s service portfolio and find out what they can achieve. Once you have this, compare it with your needs.
  • Quality guarantees – The military shadow box you buy will be used to safeguard valuable certificates, honors or medals that you hold dear to your heart. It is only logical to find high quality cases that will match with the items you need to preserve. Top retailers often provide quality guarantees including provisions to replace or refund deliveries that arrive already damaged or those that do not meet the agreed quality standard. With quality guarantees, the company offers sufficient assurance that you will receive the exact order you made and any undesirable deliveries will be covered and compensated. Guarantees are also given with regards to timeline and date of delivery. The company should avail your military shadow boxes within the time-frame promised.

Double mat shadow boxThere are several other minor aspects to evaluate when looking for shadow boxes for your military cases. Added properties like water resistance, fire resistance, anti-scratch finish and improved polish are all desirable. However, the existence of other properties should not mask the most crucial details such as quality, guarantees and reputation. Price is another important aspect to consider when it comes to gaining competitive affordability. It is usually advisable to first review all the other aspects before looking into prices. Once you have identified 2 or 3 companies that can provide top quality shadow boxes, proceed to compare their prices and choose one that offers more value for money.


Finding military shadow boxes is relatively an effortless task especially if you know what to look for. There are several reputable companies that can help you get exactly what you need to achieve distinction and aesthetic display. You should shop from credible licensed companies that are allowed to offer the products in the area.

Landing Reputable Dubai Fashion Photographers

Dubai photoshoot

There are several photographers running into the fashion and lifestyle field with hopes of becoming the next top expert in that category only to realize it is already crowded by amazing talent. Becoming a qualified, talented and reputable fashion photographer does not happen in one day. In sophisticated regions like Dubai which makes part of the daily news in terms of fashion and emerging trends in hospitality, finding photographers should not be a daunting task. It is often as simple as looking for businesses on a browser. However, not everyone who claims to offer ultimate quality photography services is necessarily the best fashion photographer in Dubai. In order to land reliable services, there are various considerations you must make. Even with highly reputed names and companies, it is still important to compare and review all offers before you make a choice.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Fashion Photographer

If you want the best fashion photographer in Dubai, then you must take sufficient time to look at the market and identify what distinguishing attributes top photographers exhibit. Not all photographers can perform at the same level and one good thing about such fields is the existence of various aspects you can use to isolate reliable offers from the rest. Some of the important areas to evaluate include;

  • Photographer reputation – This is the fastest way to gauge the quality of any service or product. Fashion photographers that have consistently provided high quality services in Dubai will definitely attract a good reputation within the area. Fortunately, reputation is gained through repeatedly meeting, satisfying and overwhelming client needs. To gauge the reputation of any given fashion photographer in Dubai, simply look through the comments, complaints, testimonials, opinions and reviews of previous clients. If they are constantly complaining or post several negative reviews, then you should probably avoid such offers. You can also look-up photographers from expert review sites and see how their services are rated.
  • Experience and professionalism – Experience is very important when it comes to selecting any type of photography services including fashion photographers. Long-serving photographers are often the better bid although they are not necessarily the better option as there are many new professionals who can provide top class fashion photography services. Nonetheless, experienced photographers are usually associated with streamlined service delivery frameworks and are better suited to handle your needs. Make sure you look at both sides of the coin especially when dealing with large photography establishments. Some old companies may employ new college graduates with limited field experience while other emerging photography agencies are startups from old employees who have worked in the sector for years. Professionalism is another crucial aspect to review and you can easily evaluate this from the first impression you make of a given photographer. If they are late on the first appointment, dress too casually, talk about generic ideas and do not seem to have an extra skill or brilliance, then you should consider the next offer.
  • Quality guarantees and arrangements – Fashion photographers that are confident of their quality will usually offer reasonable quality guarantees and arrangements. Some photographers usually agree to work with just enough funds to carter for the budget and take service payments later. Others offer guarantees that include provisions to redo the assignment if the initial attempt did not yield the agreed quality standard. Quality guarantees are very important especially if you are dealing with a slim budget.
  • Capacity and organization – Fashion photographers have various limitations ranging from experience and professional skills to facility and capacity. It is very important to find photographers that can handle all your requirements within the required time. They should have enough high quality equipment and trained crews for large projects. Some photographers work as loners but often link with others to handle big projects. It is therefore important to find out in advance whether the photographer you contract will work on the project, include others or subcontract the task to different experts. Usually, it is advisable to ask fashion photographers in Dubai what they can achieve for you and compare this with your needs as opposed to inquiring whether they can handle your specific requirements.

Fashion photography


There are other minor aspects to consider such as flexibility, credibility and competitive affordability. After evaluating all the other aspects, find 2 to 3 photographers that depict desirable characteristics and compare their quotes to identify one that will meet your needs at the most affordable cost without compromising the quality of service. As a general advice, you should work with credible licensed photographers with a positive reputation and a long portfolio you can review.

How To Hire The Best Production Company In Dubai

Dubai is one of the major tourist destinations in the world and it also forms one of the most sophisticated regions with a lot of fashion, production and modern lifestyle activities. In recent times, movie and film production have targeted Dubai and there are several production companies in the area. Looking for production companies in Dubai should not be an overwhelming process especially since there are many in the market. However, landing the best offers will require keen comparison, review and deliberation especially since all of them will promote their services as the best. Fortunately, the best production companies can be easily told from others as they showcase various hallmarking traits.

What To Look For In A Production Company

If you are going to land top quality production companies in Dubai, you must comprehensively review existing offers. It often starts with listing your needs and seeking companies that can meet these specific needs. Some of the things to consider before choosing a given production company include the following;

  • Video production setupExperience in production – Nothing can beat experience when it comes to production photography, video and editing. Professional experience exposes producers to various aspects and skills required to produce a world-class video. Although not all long-serving companies will guarantee top quality services, they are usually associated with streamlined services and seamless delivery. What’s more, experienced companies can boast profound knowledge in the field and have witnessed the evolution and advancement in the field. There are some new companies that can still offer satisfactory quality services and not all old companies will give you what you want. It is important to note that some new companies employ long-serving experienced personnel while old companies may have new college graduates with limited experience.
  • Capacity to produce – Production companies are limited by various constraints and may not be able to meet all your requirements. The service portfolio and description can tell you a lot about what the company is able to satisfactorily handle. Capacity is often reviewed in terms of facility, size and number of personnel, equipment and logistic strengths. Production companies may be involved in video, music, and fashion projects among others. They can also be hired to cover an event or even come up with a concept project. Before choosing a particular company, it is important to make sure they have the capacity to meet your specific needs.
  • Company reputation – Reputation will help you quickly evaluate the level of quality a company is known for within the area. All production companies in Dubai have their own reputation earned from their services and customer satisfaction. Companies that consistently provide high quality production services will definitely have a positive reputation. In order to determine the reputation of a given company, look for previous client reviews, comments, complaints, opinions and testimonials. Positive comments and reviews should be a good sign although it is common for some companies to include falsified testimonials to give a tarnished impression of the truth. You can look through expert review sites or even consider speaking to previous clients to find out more about the company.
  • Quality guarantees – Production involves large sums of money and large budgets. The quality better be worth every penny and help you achieve the sought results whether in branding or sales. This is why you need quality guarantees and provisions to protect you from cheap quality standards and poorly done assignments. Reliable companies will often provide quality warranties including provisions to redo the assignment if the initial attempt fails to meet agreed quality standards. Some also work on production projects with a small deposit that covers for the necessities, opting to take service payments following completion and satisfaction.
  • Legal issues and insurance – It is advisable to choose credible licensed production companies allowed to offer their services in Dubai. More importantly, they should have insurance covers to protect you from any damage liabilities and cover any losses suffered due to accidents, injuries and damages. Although no one hopes for any misfortune during production, it is only wise to be prepared for all situations and possibilities.

Aerial shot


There are many other considerations to ponder before making the final decision. As a general practice, you should first review all the above mentioned aspects before looking into matters of quotes and cost. Once you have a few potential producers to work with, compare their prices and quality to choose offers that give you value for money without being overly expensive.

Photography of Toyota Concept Cars

Have you ever wondered why your dad never lets you drive his DeLorean DMC-12, Lancia Delta Integrale, Ford RS 200, BMW E30 M3, or Porsche 959? Do you ever wonder why your best friend is always reluctant to give you his Mini Cooper, Nissan 350Z2, Hummer H3T, Holden Coupe 60, or Isuzu DMAX? Well, there is nothing as close to a man’s heart as cool cars and supercars. Men simply love cars and supercars. The cool cars mentioned above, and much more, are products of concepts borrowed from the concept cars.

Concept Cars

Concept cars are cars that are made to show new styling or technology that an organization intends to apply in the production of new car models. These cars help car manufacturing companies determine the response of customers to new technologies or styles that may be used to develop new cars. Concept cars are normally displayed at motor shows that are normally attended by customers. There, customers observe the cars and give their opinions on the new technologies and styles presented by the concept cars. The first concept car, Buick Y-Job, was developed by Harley Earl, a car designer for General Motors, in 1938.

Since then, several concept cars have been developed by car manufacturers to guide the development of their different models of cars for mass production. Other examples of concept cars are the Cadillac Cyclone, BMW GINA, Aston Martin Atom, Chevrolet Corvette Marko Shark, Ferrari Modulo and the Ford Nucleon.

Toyota FT-1

Toyota FT-1

A modern example of a concept car is the Toyota FT-1, which is expected to influence the production of future Toyota cars. The Toyota FT-1 was unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in January 2014. The development of this concept car was inspired by the past Toyota sports and concept cars, such as the MR-2, Supra, 2000GT, and the FT-HS. There was little information about the car. Only information about the layout of the rear wheel and the front engine was available. It is estimated that the car will cost $60,000 if its production is approved. Super cars like this will not be available at your typical local Toyota dealerships.

From a business perspective, the design of the Toyota FT-1 was motivated by the need for Toyota to compete with Lexus’ LFA and Scion’s FR-S. Toyota was the only brand in the market at that time that had not produced a concept car. Therefore, Toyota awarded Calty Design Research the contract to help them design and develop the concept car. The estimated cost of developing is concept car is $1 million. Currently, Toyota FT-1 is still at the concept stage. In August 2014, its gray replica was displayed at the Monterey Jet Center, Monterey, California.

Concept Car Photography

Car photographyConcept cars not only contribute to the development of new models of cars, they have also created a number of new jobs and industries, such as the concept car photography. Today, there are a number of concept car photographers, such as the renowned Tim Wallace, who has worked with a number of car manufacturers and brands such as Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dodge, Chevrolet, and Peugeot.

The need to reach many customers as possible motivated the development of concept car photography. This is because many customers across the globe are unable to attend the motor shows where concept cars are normally displayed. Therefore, good, quality pictures of concept cars need to be taken for publishing in newspapers, magazines, and websites where customers can easily access them. The more customers a car manufacturer is able to reach, the better idea it is able to get about customers’ perception of the concept car. Most photographs of concepts cars are normally displayed on their manufacturers’ websites or websites owned by car photographers, such as Tim Wallace.

Concept cars are iconic. The main the objective of concept car photography is to bring out this feature in the photos of concept cars. Concept car photography requires photographers who are creative and open to new ideas.

Factors to Consider in Concept Car Photography

how to photograph cars

Prospective concept car photographers should consider the following factors to make sure that their works are of quality, which will help them attract many customers (car manufacturers):

Identify a concept car.

This is because concept car photography is all about concept cars. There are many “cool” cars out there, but most of them are not concept cars. Concept cars are usually very rare to find. Most of them are destroyed by automakers sometime later, after their production. The few existing concept cars are found in the stores of car manufacturers. One should visit a car manufacturer to request for permission to access and take photographs of their concept cars. Alternative, one can attend motor shows where concept cars are displayed. There, you will find an easy opportunity to take photos of concept cars.

Identify, the location of your photography session.

Photos of concept cars can be taken at different settings depending on the type of car. Some concept cars are good with natural settings while other concept cars are good with unnatural settings. Roads, car parks, and driveways are good examples of natural settings. Exterior photos of concept sports cars are better displayed on open country roads than anywhere else. Additionally, one can add the feel in this setting (country roads) by capturing the concept sports car in motion. However, since most concept cars are usually less mobile than normal cars, unnatural settings are preferred to natural settings for photo sessions. A large warehouse of a car manufacturer is a perfect example of unnatural setting. One can convert it into a large studio and take photographs of a concept car. However, one should try to be adventurous to avoid clichéd shots. Regardless of the setting you choose, the tone of your shots should complement the color of the car.

Consider the amount of light present in your environment.

Natural light is the best source of lighting for photography. It is important to time one’s shots during the twilight hours of the day. During these times, the sun reflects warmly on the concept car without creating the problem of harsh brightness.

Apart from these, one should ensure that one gets the right angles for taking photos. One should also capture every exterior and interior detail of the car.

Remember, Concept cars are icons. Concept car photography should maintain this status. The factors discussed above give direction on what one needs to do to maintain the high standards of concept car photography.

The Usage Of Photography In Everyday Life

Photography is an incredibly important component of our society as it is every changing and modernizing right along with us. The usage of photography in everyday life has increased significantly due to the use of social media applications which utilize photography. I recently interviewed a photojournalist to discuss his photography, why he is passionate about it, and why it will never be an extinct art form.

Bobby Johandes, a photojournalist from Tinley Park, Illinois, gave us his insight as to why photography will not die out anytime soon. Johandes, like various other photographers, define photography as a universal art that can be understood in every language. It plays a central role in our society today through applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Bobby explains how photography, whether you are a professional or simply taking a photography for a post, changes our lives. People document their daily lives through photography and social media. A post isn’t simply just a post. It is one piece in a collection of photos that tell us a great deal about how a person lives on a regular basis.

This is an incredible phenomenon. Think about how many people are social media sites. Think about the different events that happen in a lifetime. Future generations will be able to look back on these posts and see hands on what it was like for a person to live during significant periods of time. Think about if George Washington or Michael Angelo had Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. I can only imagine what they would be posting and how much insight it would give into the time periods in which they lived.

Take the most recent election, for example. The current generations posted a generous amount about just this single event. Future generations that have to research this election will have access to so many different voices and points of view just via social media and the pictures that have been posted. Whether it be a picture of someone going to a voting poll, meeting a candidate, or even protest photos- the entire collection tells a story. Those stories can be understood by everyone all over the world.

Another significant event is the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series. The amount of Chicagoans that posted pictures of the entire season is most likely an incredible amount. The games, watching the games at bars and restaurants, the celebratory parade, all of it was documented via social media.

My theory is that as humans, we are naturally going to place sentimental value on things, events, people, places, etc. They are all memories. This is why photographs were invented in the first place. The current generation has placed an even higher value on photography because of having the ability to post our memories and share them with the world through social media. Not only do we now have our favorite memories, but we can also let everyone else experience them right along with us.

Bobby also explained that photography will never die out because everyone with a smartphone now has access to being a novice and in some cases, above novice level photographer. Anyone with a smartphone has the world of photography at their fingertips. You can take pictures and share them with the world at the click of a button. In many cases, smartphones allow you to edit the photo right there on the device itself. As long as people are making memories and using their smartphones, photography will exist and thrive. Our generation in particular enjoys documenting what they believe to be interesting and I do not see that changing any time soon.